10 June 2018

A very special day

{Jamie recently had a wish granted...  Reach for a Dream is an organisation that help make dreams come true for children facing or who have faced a life-threatening illness... Jamie was overcome with emotion when a trumpet was presented to her... she is determined to play it and is making good progress with the help of her music teacher! it is a very load instrument and Gemma is not much of a fan... she wants to play the violin...}

08 June 2018


{the girls are real fish.. some pics from their swimming gala... most were taken by one of the coaches at their swimming school... unfortunately Gareth missed it but at least we have these photos to look back on...}

{with their coach, Greg}

07 June 2018

A beautiful experience

{at the end of last year the girls had to choose a job they would like to do... they had to spend some time with someone doing that job... Gemma chose an artist and we spend a wonderful morning with a local artist... Jamie ended up taking part too... and somehow Gemma also experienced Jamie's chosen job of a vet...}