23 May 2018


{i'm lucky because i grew up believing i could do anything... become anything... my gender was never used to limit my thinking... to decide what i could achieve, dream, do... i gardened with my dad... played soccer/cricket/darts/swam in dams/rode horses/ climbed trees/ dreamed of becoming a vet, an artist, a tennis player, a doctor... and when i became a doctor and then decided that it wasn't what i wanted to be, not once did my parents constrain me by their dreams/ideals/ideas... they have always supported me in whatever i have attempted...  i'm so lucky that i never had parents who told me that i couldn't because i'm a girl... i would like to give my girls the same gift.. the gift of dreaming... the gift of believing that they can do whatever they want even if they are girls...}


  1. from all the photos of their lives you have posted, in my opinion you have done a super job with your girls. they are funny and full of joy and love each other.. I love the pic today of the squeezing of the face... they are so precious. and you sound like you have had a full and wonderful life. I pray God's blessing son you and your family and a full and beautiful life for your girls

  2. You are a wonderful and forward thinking Mother. Your girls are the lucky ones, so many will not have this upbringing.

    Like you I was blessed with wonderful parents. They always made me feel I could do anything.
    Unfortunately they are no longer here, but I thank them every day.

    Beautiful natural images.

  3. Hello, you are a great mother to your sweet girls. Every child should be they can do anything they really love to do. Adorable photos. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. You are a wonderful mother. Every child should be told they can be or do anything they can do. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Darling girls. How wonderful for them to have a mother like you.

  6. i love this legacy your leaving your beautiful daughters, friend. your pictures capture all the joy!

    and it's so good to see you out and about again. welcome back!

  7. oh, your sweet girls!
    hopefully life will be equal for them!