29 December 2017

Happy Birthday!

{Happy birthday to my precious Gemma Jade & Jamie Grace! you have filled my world with laughter and joy!}
{we celebrated the girls' birthday with their friends at the beginning of December... today we are going ice-skating and just having a nice relaxing day! they were very so touched by Michael Komape's tragic story that we decided to do something different this year. we learnt that Michael's dad, James, had started a little library- taking books to the schools in his area as most schools there don't have any libraries. we decided to ask for books instead of gifts to donate to James' library. we have already collected more than 60 wonderful books.}


  1. Hello, what a wonderful birthday party. The girls look adorable! I love the pretty cake. Giving the books as gift idea was great. I will check out the link next. Wonderful photos. I wish your girls a very happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

  2. I very much enjoyed attending this birthday party. the food looks wonderful and so do all the beautiful children. i read Michaels story and it is heartbreaking. God bless all of you and your girls for collecting the books instead of gifts. Happy birthday to your sweet girls.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do collecting books for that library. I love that beautiful cake. The girls look so cute and I know they had a great birthday. Have a blessed day. Madeline