18 September 2017

Moments in Time {holiday edition II}

{we spent the last week at my mom's place. we took my mother-in-law with. I took these images on our first day there after 6,5 hours in the car... the girls were really good on the trip down to the coast... Jamie couldn't wait to get into the water which was icy and really rough... Gemma was happy to look for shells...}


  1. such a wonderful beach, looks so fun

  2. Jandi
    Your images are so natural and full of energy.
    I love the beach.....so quiet, so empty.
    My sort of beach. I could feel the breeze in my hair.

  3. Your photos are wonderful. The ocean looks pretty rough. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  4. all that time in the car worth the wait if there's the beach!!!