23 July 2017

Spring in July...

{about a week ago, Jamie was excited to tell me that 'spring is in the one bush'... the jasmine is usually first to bloom but this is very early...}

{iceberg roses...}

{arum lilies...}

{this little succulent which looks like a lamb's ear was grown from a tiny piece I found on the ground when we moved into our house... }

{my Dad gave me a tree tomato plant last October... it has flourished for some reason... I was overjoyed when I spotted the first fruit about 2 weeks ago...}


  1. my first ever tree tomato and all your spring flowers are wonderful. we are in the HOT summer here... so hot even with rain the flowers are a little droopy... I think I can smell the jasmine

  2. Hello, Happy Spring! I love the pretty blooms. I wish I could grow jasmine here, I love the scent. I never heard of a tree tomato? Lovely images. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. Your photos of the flowers are beautiful. I have never heard of a tree tomato. I have a jasmine plant but it is not doing so well. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  4. Happy spring, Jandi! Great photos! I love the lilies! We are in the middle of summer here. Kisses from Greece.

  5. Love the pictures of the flowers...

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  6. can't believe it!!! how many degrees do you usually have in winter? i'm sure it's hotter than it could be in england the same date :)