20 February 2017

Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour: Newtown Junction

{Newtown Junction is a beautiful shopping centre with lovely outdoor areas right in the heart of the Joburg CBD... there are very nice cafes and quaint shops... within walking distance is the Market Theatre, Museum Afrika and The Apartheid Museum (highly recommended especially if a guide is available)... the girls loved playing in the water... a perfect way to stretch little legs...}
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  1. oh what a good way to get refreshed!

  2. more fun memories in the fountains, we have one like this in our downtown area. I have often wondered what people would think if I were to go play with the children

  3. I am enjoying this tour you have been taking us on. Your girls sure looked like they were enjoying the water. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  4. So much fun - which child doesn't like water? We had a similar fountain close to where I used to live in southern California!
    Hope you also link up one of these fun filled images of your girls splashing in the fountain with ALL SEASONS for its first year anniversary:) The post is called All seasons- One year Anniversary.
    Hope to see you there before Wednesday 7pm Pacific time! Have a great splashy week:)