18 February 2017

Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour: Apartheid Museum

{the Apartheid Museum was an emotional experience for me- even now i am moved to tears just thinking about it. i could easily have spent 2 days here... we spent 2,5-3 hours here. the onsite restaurant is also really nice...}


  1. I like all the stand up photos, the full length and the poster type. I am sure this would move me to tears also. a great place to teach your children about the world and how it should be and not be.... about that big ugly ring on my post. the next day I had to wear it to work, I wore it in, laid it on the desk and wore it home and it has lived for 45 years in a box.

  2. A very emotional post. Thank you so much for sharing your tour with us. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  3. A nice and emotional post.. if in life i get chance to visit South Africa i'll go there...

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