28 February 2017

Melt my Heart


{she new something had  to happen with the pedals...}

{first time driving...not on their own...}

27 February 2017

Rietvlei Nature Reserve continued...

{Orange-throated longclaw}
{Swainson's spurfowl}

{long-tailed widowbird}
{orange-throated longclaws}

{wire-tailed swallow}

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25 February 2017

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

{Southern Black Korhaan}
{Cape/ Orange-throated longclaw}

{zebra crossing...}
{Western Cattle Egret on zebra's behind...}
{helmeted guineafowl}
{Red hartebees}

{lilac breasted rollers lined up...}

{starling bush... I think the top birds are Burchell's starlings... and the bottom ones are Pied starlings}
{we visited Rietvlei Nature Reserve close to Pretoria at the beginning of February... we saw an abundance of birdlife and antelope and, of course, zebra... we also saw wildebeest, waterbuck, eland and a black-backed jackal... can you spot him in the last 2 photos?}
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