07 January 2017


{climbing trees... inspired by watching Tarzan...}

{fishing out insects...}
{just one more swim...}
{Christmas cracker moustache...}

{it was the night the night before Christmas... letters to Santa...}
{puma Rudolf...}

{just let me go in one last time...}

{we had a cold, rainy Christmas day... it didn't deter them from going in the pool on their new whales...}


  1. children will go in water no matter the temps or the sun or not. and stay until their lips are blue and say I am not cold. I very much enjoyed every snippet today. and instead of Tarzans chimp, she has a puma.. he he he.. love that shot ....

  2. Hello Jandi, love seeing the girls in the pool playing, your cute furbabies and the pretty flowers. They are both adorable girls, wonderful collection of photos. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Great photos, your girls are so cute riding their water whales. Have a blessed day and a great weekend. Madeline

  4. Wonderful photos, full of joy! Love the puma:)

  5. Happy girls, cute critters, wonderful flowers... and oh that lovely swimming pool.
    I'd love to have a whale like those ones! :)

  6. What lovely snippets. Sounds like a great holiday!