16 August 2017

04 August 2017


{the girls had their sports day last Saturday... they had a lot of fun and were in the winning team!}

26 July 2017


{i have always been a reader... these are most of the books i have read so far this year...}

23 July 2017

Spring in July...

{about a week ago, Jamie was excited to tell me that 'spring is in the one bush'... the jasmine is usually first to bloom but this is very early...}

{iceberg roses...}

{arum lilies...}

{this little succulent which looks like a lamb's ear was grown from a tiny piece I found on the ground when we moved into our house... }

{my Dad gave me a tree tomato plant last October... it has flourished for some reason... I was overjoyed when I spotted the first fruit about 2 weeks ago...}