19 December 2016

Perfect Day {ii}

{the girls had their first experience snorkelling... they were astounded! Gemma kept on trying to catch the fish! she was squeeling with joy! and amazement!}

{what Gemma saw- the water was so clear one could se the black and yellow fish from outside...}
{what Jamie saw...}


  1. How much fun!! I love their drawings of the experience.

  2. Hello, my hubby loves to snorkel. I am glad Jamie and Gemma enjoyed the experience and the sea life. Great collection of photos. I love the cute drawings. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. I so much enjoyed watching your sweet and beautiful family make such Precious Memories for the future. Sorry to hear that Jamie was attacked by that dog. That must have been in the past but I know she still thinks about it.

  4. Such fun! Beautiful photos... and very cute drawings.
    It's lovely to "escape" for a while from the snow to your sunny beaches! :)
    I wish you and yours a very happy and safe Christmas! Big hugs!

  5. we snorkelled this past summer too, and even if i find our girls are quite small for it, wendie also loved to snorkle.