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12 August 2016

Johannesburg Zoo {ii}

{the farmyard at Johannesburg Zoo is a lovely place to interact with animals...}

{even though they look quite scraggly these Nguni/Zulu sheep are incredibly soft...}

{it is a pot-belly pigs life...}

{Nguni cow and calf...}
{beautiful Shetland pony...}

{large draught horse... so magnificent...}


  1. such a cute pig:) Sleeping there like a dog:) Wonderful photos!

  2. I love how animals are so close to you!

  3. Hello, I would love to interact with all of these pretty animals. The piggie and horses are some of my favorite. The sheep are cute too. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. I smiled all the way through this post you have some of everything I love. I love anything with four legs

  5. The photos of the animals are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your visit to the zoo with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. It's so sad we need zoos, but happy to have them taken care of!

  7. That's an amazing Zoo and your girls look like they are having the best time ever! So sweet -- reminded me of when our kids were little; it is so much fun to see things through their eyes!!