12 April 2016

Shorter Days...

{bottlebrush... buzzing with little bees...}
{this chrysanthemum was left in the house when we moved in... i planted it in the garden and it seems to be thriving...}
{nasturtium... their petals look like paper...}

{little fern... hopefully it will make it through the winter...}
{the blue flower is a weed... but very pretty...}
linking up with Seasons


  1. Beautiful flowers! In California we have almost all of these, am not sure about the little blue flower - it's so beautiful! Am amazed about the climbin plants in the garden - so lush, it looks like one from a storybook! I very much dislike it when the days are getting shorter. So, when is it winter in your area?
    Many thanks for adding this whole post to SEASONS - it's easy to tell you love flowers and nature:) Hope to see you back next week:) and enjoy this one!

  2. Hello Jandi, what a lovely collection of flowers. I have always loved the bottlebrush tree or bush! Lovely images and post. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. so much beauty here, i love the colorful flowers but even the green vines are beautiful.. the bottle brush is like our powder puff bush with the bees buzzing...

  4. Great photos of some beautiful flowers. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. I love bottle bushes... when I see them it takes me back to my childhood with hot summers, playing hide and seek, watermelon on the porch, laying under the large tree gazing through the leaves to the sky above making up adventures in our minds, playing tag, and many other fun times had.

  6. Must be so nice to be surrounded by so many colourful flowers!

  7. What simply lovely flowers. I like that little blue one that you said is a weed, even weeds can have their own beauty.

  8. those flowers from the 2 first photos are amazing!!!