28 December 2015

Our Week: {2015: 52/52}

{new flowers were created...}

{the swimming pool was UTILISED...}

{tomatoes were growing...}
{Christmas cheer and glittering lights were enjoyed...}

{a feast was enjoyed...}
{water game phones were a hit with both young and old...}
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  1. Looks fun!

    We had -9.5 degrees in the morning here in Espoo, so the swimming looks very exotic:)

  2. Love your divers and the Christmas table full of flowers. It's great to see all that wonderful color because it is raining and gray today! Sounds like Christmas was fabulous for you all this year.

  3. Looks like a fun week! It certainly is warmer than where I'm at. The pool looks fun!

  4. Fabulous photos! The new species of flower looks very interesting. :)
    I love your festive tablescape, with the delicate pink flowers and the cheerful ornaments.
    Wishing you a happy and beautiful photography year 2016!

  5. Such beautiful children and sweet family scenes. Thanks for spreading the joy!

  6. Looks like a wonderful holiday week!

  7. so much fun in the swimming pool!

  8. Love the pic where dad and his daughters jump all three in the water at the same time - priceless! A great New Year to you and your family!