28 November 2015

Our Week: {2015: 48/52}

{getting ready for their concert...}

{these expressions...}

{spot the Grandma...}
{I have left the watercolours out and they are loving it!}
{Tintin + girlfriend...}
{their creativity astounds me every day! one of the collaborations!}
{fun before school! Gemma has been a giggle-bug lately!}

linking up with Good Random Fun + Soulfood Fridays


  1. Beautiful images.....through the eyes of a child. Children's faces say so much without saying a word.

    I love the artwork........painting with my children and Grandchildren has always been fun. It is always good to see their artistic side.

    Love the dogs.....little and large, both very cute.

  2. Your girls have such expressive little faces. They are just adorable! :)

  3. Adorable photos of your sweet children. The photos of your dogs are cute too. Great post!

  4. Their smiles are so adorable! Tintin looks mighty comfy on the sofa!

  5. I love tin tin and his girlfriend. Sylvie has a teddy bear boyfriend :) I love how creative children are. Thanks for linking up! Have a good week :)

  6. Yes! lol I spotted the Grandma... Nice! I would not have seen it if you hadn't said anything... Great job

  7. Hello, your girls are just adorable. I love the puppy dogs too. Wonderful series of photos! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  8. they seem to have a beautiful friendship...

    1. Yes, they are best of friends... They share a very special, close bond! <3

  9. I love all those little girl expressions on their faces.

  10. Your girls' creative collaboration is definitely a keeper!!! So cute. Gotta love a giggle bug!

  11. The girls are getting so big! I like water colors too, the blending of the colors can't be beat! And that dog of yours? Picture perfect!