18 October 2015

Our Week: {2015: 42/52}

{lego architect, Jamie! lego is the toy they play with every single day! best toy ever!}
{cat-lover, Gemma! the cat obsession continues...}

{notice those pink lips... no pink lip-ice is NOT recommended for 4-year-olds!}

{little bug came home from school + her swimming lesson and went straight to sleep... this NEVER happens... that night she had fever for much of the night... pharyngitis is no fun... but she was back to being her energetic self after 2 days... more good news: her port can come out soon! after 3 years!}

{two little doting girls and a very sweet babe...}
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  1. such a cute photos! I remember already from my own childhood that when I went early to sleep, my mom realised I was ill. I hope you all well now!

  2. So glad the port can come out!! What a milestone!!

  3. wendie's been building a lot lately, but she doesnt have lego, she uses wood pieces... i guess i must buy her some lego :)
    ice cream's funny when it's pink, so they can color their lips like mums!

  4. Yay! Such great news!!!! I am so very happy for you!

  5. Those last three pictures are absolutely perfect...the love was shining through!