24 October 2015

Our Week: {2015:43/52}

{Jamie has always been a daredevil- she could ride her scooter before she was able to walk... she has been saying she wants a jaguar (car) one day... }

{we changed swimming schools and Gemma is just flourishing! a far cry from the girl who would not get into the pool or put her head in the water for many lessons last season... and she has always loved water and had no problem putting her head in before that. thankfully, all of the negativity is behind us now and she can just enjoy herself in the pool!}

{this dog lives for swimming... I often find her crying by the pool with her ball in the mouth- waiting for us to take the net off...she even dreams about swimming- we have seen her swim in her sleep before...}

{Jamie LOVES swimming but she gets cold very easily...just like her mommy...}
{Marbles having another nap... the Jacarandas are just glorious this time of the year...}

{apparently this is vanilla cake!}

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18 October 2015

Nasturtiums & Bee

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Our Week: {2015: 42/52}

{lego architect, Jamie! lego is the toy they play with every single day! best toy ever!}
{cat-lover, Gemma! the cat obsession continues...}

{notice those pink lips... no pink lip-ice is NOT recommended for 4-year-olds!}

{little bug came home from school + her swimming lesson and went straight to sleep... this NEVER happens... that night she had fever for much of the night... pharyngitis is no fun... but she was back to being her energetic self after 2 days... more good news: her port can come out soon! after 3 years!}

{two little doting girls and a very sweet babe...}
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