09 September 2015

Our Adventure: The Wedding {I}

{anxious waiting...not quite sure what to expect...}
{Father of the Bride: also waiting anxiously... I think watching your daughter get married must be bittersweet for most dads.}
{focusing intently... this is the first wedding the girls have attended... these days people usually don't invite children to weddings...}
{admiring their flowers}
{the groom, my brother, and the bride}
{afterwards! no we can relax!}

{skyping my parents... because of my Dad's cancer, they were unable to attend...so hard...}
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  1. The Girls are so cute! It looks like it was a fun day for all around! Great family picture too

  2. What a wonderful celebration! They look adorable! So sorry your parents couldn't attend.

  3. There are parasols are so cute. Looks like a lovely wedding


  4. You got some terrific shots at the wedding. Sorry to hear about your Dad....I know how hard cancer is.

  5. Such sweet little girls all gussied up!