13 September 2015

Our Adventure: Poole {I}

{we made our way to pretty Poole after the wedding... we fell in love with this beautiful place!}

also see Poole Part II

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  1. such a lovely place, and playgrounds in the sand are so great!

  2. What a beautiful, soothing place. The bird shots are great and the little girls super cute as ever! :)

  3. I love the picture of your little girl clutching all her collected feathers! It looks like a beautiful place to run around and be free!!

  4. The soft sunlight behind the clouds is pretty.
    And the pictures are all so lovely.
    Have a great week, Jandi. :)

  5. what a wonderful day. You picked the highlights I think. I like all images in different ways. Especially those of the children :)

  6. What another beautiful place...and your girls seem to totally enjoying it! I love the sculpture of the scout.