05 September 2015

Our Adventure: Hurn

{we drove to Hurn for my brother's wedding in Christchurch. the girls were flower girls at the wedding. they had a lot of fun exploring a forest...}


  1. Oh, what a beautiful blog! There are lovely images in all the posts I have seen and the two little girls look very sweet.
    I leave my comment in this post, because there are so many flowers and trees... :D
    Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!

  2. it's a beautiful place for a wedding, in the nature...

  3. Such great pictures! I know I have said this before but you have such a great eye for photos.And I love the way you capture the girls in such a natural way cataloging their lives! They will absolutely love to look back and see all the very beautiful and natural photos of themselves!

  4. Adorable faces! And really pretty flowers, too.