30 September 2015

Our Adventure: Farewell England!

{we spent our last day having one last walkabout in Wraysbury... and having some fun at the park... and then we were off! thank you to everybody who made us feel so at home in your country!}

Our Adventure: A Beautiful Afternoon

{we spent a beautiful afternoon at Brian and Linda's lovely home. Linda made the most delicious food. The afternoon was filled with wonderful conversation and lots of laughing!}

29 September 2015

These Girls

{these girls have been through more than most children their age... at seventeen months old Jamie was diagnosed with cancer. she is going for a scan on Thursday- we pray that is will unchanged from her previous scans- if it is it will be more than 2 years without any change...}

28 September 2015

Our Adventure: Sheffield Botanical Gardens

{we visited the amazing Sheffield Botanical Gardens. it is a really lovely place to spend some time... for more information see http://www.sbg.org.uk/ }

{the bear cage... it used to house real bears...}

{the girls loved the squirrels...}
 {our tour guide... Aunty Juanita}