23 August 2015

Our Adventure: Take-off & Windsor {1}

{getting ready to go! such excitement! our aeroplane! finally there... and still alive!}
{hi-ho! it's off to Windsor we go!}
{waiting for the train!}
{beautiful Windsor; funny sign...}
{Jamie contemplating going for a ride...}
{views of Windsor Castle}

{so Gemma nearly completed the Long Walk... she only had about 500m left to the 1829 Copper Horse statue atop Snow Hill... and she ran the entire way! It is is a 4.26 km walk from George IV Gateway at Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse. It runs through Windsor Great Park. We didn't see any deer... but lots of adorable dogs!}

{future cross country runners; water chestnut oak; passion flower}

{after all that, we needed food + something to drink! the King and Castle fit the bill perfectly!}
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  1. Beautiful grounds... I could live there very easily lol

  2. to fly's an amazing adventure for kids! windsor looks beautiful, i'm sure it worths the visit.

    1. Flying is so much fun for children! Not so much for their parents! Windsor is lovely- definitely worth a visit! So easy to navigate with children!

  3. How fun! Good for them for walking so much!

  4. I bet the kids had tons of fun!

  5. What a lovely compilation of photos from your trip.

  6. Hi,
    Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day!

  7. Yep, that bike might be a bit too big for now! Fun pictures and great places to make memories!