23 August 2015

Our Adventure: Windsor {2}

{after our meal, we decided to go on a ferry trip...the girls loved it! and it was so nice waving to all the other people on their barges/ other ferries/ row boats etc. we went on a 40-minute trip to Boveney Lock with French Brothers. it was also really wonderful seeing the countryside including views of Eton as well as all the birdlife.}
{daydreaming Gemma}
{Jamie Grace}
{Royal River Thames scenes}
{Boveney Lock}

{views of Windsor Castle}

{Windsor snaps}

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Our Adventure: Take-off & Windsor {1}

{getting ready to go! such excitement! our aeroplane! finally there... and still alive!}
{hi-ho! it's off to Windsor we go!}
{waiting for the train!}
{beautiful Windsor; funny sign...}
{Jamie contemplating going for a ride...}
{views of Windsor Castle}

{so Gemma nearly completed the Long Walk... she only had about 500m left to the 1829 Copper Horse statue atop Snow Hill... and she ran the entire way! It is is a 4.26 km walk from George IV Gateway at Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse. It runs through Windsor Great Park. We didn't see any deer... but lots of adorable dogs!}

{future cross country runners; water chestnut oak; passion flower}

{after all that, we needed food + something to drink! the King and Castle fit the bill perfectly!}
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19 August 2015

Almost Spring...

{we are back after spending 2 weeks in the UK. i am currently working through all 55 million images... signs of spring is everywhere... and we have been taking advantage of the glorious weather by lunching and ding al fresco..}
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