30 July 2015


{mmm...something smells good...}
{they let out the smaller elephant first...he raced to the food...grabbed as much as he could...}
{running away with his loot..}
{the bigger elephant can take his time eating..}
{he got quite a bit...}

 {but he got more...}
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  1. sometimes i read about the cruelty for an animal to be in a zoo, but truly, they're better there than in the savannah with all those animal killers who feel powerful just because they kill them.

  2. You took some amazing pictures of the elephant!

  3. The elephant is a remarkable animal. I've always been in awe that an animal so large could move with such speed. Thank you for your post!

  4. You took some great shots of the elephant here.

  5. Elephants are such strange creatures. i find it rather sad to see them in zoos. it is lovely to be able to see them up close but I'm not sure they enjoy seeing us up close quite as much.

  6. Lovely! One of the elephants looks like he is giving the evil eye to the camera which made me giggle. I loved being able to spend some time at an elephant camp in Thailand. They are amazing animals.

  7. What sweet photos! I just watched a documentary about elephants, and it was so sad to think anyone could hurt these beautiful intelligent sensitive creatures...

  8. Elephants... My daughters favorite animal. She collected them and now I have them as a reminder of something she loved dearly.