30 July 2015


{mmm...something smells good...}
{they let out the smaller elephant first...he raced to the food...grabbed as much as he could...}
{running away with his loot..}
{the bigger elephant can take his time eating..}
{he got quite a bit...}

 {but he got more...}
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27 July 2015

Boer War Memorial

{the Boer War Memorial designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Originally dedicated to the British soldiers that lost their lives during the Second Boer War. it was rededicated in1999 to all people who died during the Second Boer War.}
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26 July 2015

Our Week {2015:30/52}

{going back to school for the 3rd term...}
{fun at kwa Maye Maye market!}

{fun at a friend's birthday party}
{lovely Snowy}
{sister love}

{having a chat with a little neighbour}
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23 July 2015

At the Zoo

{pretty in pink flamingos}
{spotted genets basking in the winter sun}
{caracal...there are two..}
{Makoko, the gorilla}
{little chick}
{early morning lemur conference}

{mighty tiger}
{white or square-lipped rhinos}
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