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7 June 2015

Our Week {2015: 23/52}


{Jamie has made a full recovery... and she doesn't snore anymore... }
{happy, happy smiles before movie day... they get to wear pjs to school...}

{joint effort!}
{no it was not her birthday... even though it is fun pretending! she wrote 10 on her crown! apparently she skipped 5,5 years...}
{they coined the term 'butterfly santa'}


  1. Yay for a complete recovery and pj day at school!

  2. Wow, super pic of the dog reading with the girls. Don't you just wonder what the dog is thinking? I do.

  3. I like the way the dog is also interested in the book :). They look very cute in their pjs.

  4. Portraits full of beauty and tenderness, great !!

  5. Great pictures, fun times, happy memories and love the puppy photos too!

  6. great to read she's completely ok!
    i don't know why but children would live in an eternal christmas... xx