27 June 2015

Our Week {2015:26/52}

{precious Gemma went for her grommets + adenoids on Monday. She sailed through it! except waking up was a bit like a boxing ring! and she also did not approve of the hospital gown...she stayed home on Tuesday but really didn't need to. }

{we traced the girls' bodies onto huge sheets of paper! they really enjoyed this activity! and so good for developing body awareness too!}

{ps we are halfway through this year already...}

25 June 2015

In the Garden {winter}


{visitor on a clover flower}
{new life... orange tree branch}
{tiny little weed}
{Kalanchoe tomentosa}
{morning glory}
{sweet alice}
{Marbles catching some sun}
{seed pods}


24 June 2015

Willow Feather Farm

{cold, sleepy hen on a cold morning}

{do you think I'm sexy?!}
{unusual grey guineafowl}

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