02 May 2015


{i made the girls some cardboard phones! the loved it! Gemma kept adding to hers and made 3 of her own at school, which she added to the original one!}
{writing... all on her own... Gemma doesn't like to take instructions... so she practised on her own.}

{Jamie's j's}
{ant climbing up a rock with flower by Jamie}
{Daddy by Jamie}


  1. I hope that you put some of this artwork away for safe keeping. It's wonderful to look at things my children did 35 to 40 tears ago, a real treat. Now our refrigerator is covered by our grandkids creations. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Hi Tom, i try to take photos of all their special drawings so at least i can store it digitally. i also put it all into boxes for every year of their lives. Such precious memories!

  3. Soooo adorable! I have many of these from my little nieces and nephews... keepers for sure x

    1. thank you Eva! keepers for sure! xx