29 May 2015

Our Week {2015:22/52}

{so we had a busy week... 4:00 am Tuesday morning, Jamie woke up bleeding from her mouth... luckily by the time her ENT saw her, the bleeding had stopped... she had developed an ulcer + infection after her tonsillectomy... thankfully she could take oral meds + started to feel better very quickly... Gemma also saw the ENT + she has a lot of hard wax in her ears...we all, except for Jamie, went to the dentist... movie day on  Friday plus a visit to Grandma on Saturday...}

28 May 2015

Lion House

 {a historic house dating from 1909. designed by George Woolacott. it was declared a national monument in 1990.}

27 May 2015

Pipes + Tartans

{we attended a bagpipe festival last weekend...it was absolutely enthralling...}

Highland Dancing

{as a young child, I used to be totally fascinated with highland dancing... I'd pretend to be jumping over swords...so it was fun to watch these girls in action}

25 May 2015


{Pied Crow}
{hadedas... not at all impressed by the presence of a harrier-hawk...}

{Crested Barbet}

{Cape Robin-Chat}