12 October 2014

Our Last Week

{obligatory photo with Max the gorilla}
{clear, blue Johannesburg sky}
{jackal, so photogenic}

{talking to the mandril baboons}
{African Buffalo}

{brave Gemma; she went up and down the slide many, many times}
{cautious Jamie; she went down the slide once! huge for her! and up and down the steps many, many times! in  the past she would climb to the top and someone would have to fetch her...}

{birthday cake...}
{play dough, still a firm favourite around here...}


  1. Beautiful photos of what looks like a fun week! We love the zoo and always get the obligatory photo with the Gorilla too! It's a must! Have a great week x

  2. Thank you so much Dre! The gorilla pic is totally not negotiable!

  3. So lovely. Beautiful photos!