11 March 2014

Our Last Week {or Two}

We said good-bye to dummies (pacis) about 1,5 weeks ago and since then there has only been one nap (ugh) and lots of tears (mostly from Jamie. hopefully, we'll get over this transition soon....
{colouring-in together}

{Gemma asked for short hair}
{Jamie's expression is priceless!}

{this reminds me of a soccer match... own goal!?}

{sisters in bicycle helmets}
{colouring with Daddy & Tintin}

{licking out the pot}
{Gemma's 'jumping shoes'- as soon as she wakes up, she wants them on}


  1. Oh my goodness that is a humongous balloon! I'm totally jealous :) We're planning to get rid of pacis over my spring vacation (in about 2 weeks) but right now we have some seriously painful teething going on and I am not looking forward to the possibility of future teeth coming and no paci to quell the hysterics. I'm encouraged that you survived the transition, maybe there's some hope for me?

  2. Hi Nikki, those balloons are fantastic but unfortunately didn't last very long. My girls were 3y2m old when they willingly sent their dummies to 'the babies'. Yes, they were really old but the dummy provided a safety net for Jamie for all the medical procedures/hospitalisations she went through. Also they only got them at nap/bedtimes from about 1.5years so it never interfered with their speech. And we took them to a paediatric dentist annually from about 16m and she wasn't concerned with their teeth's positioning so that rested me. I would suggest maybe start c giving the pacis to them only at sleeptimes (+maybe in the car) and then scaling it down further from there! Hope this helps! Your girls are adorable btw.

  3. Oh and maybe give it up before we did! Jamie said to me the other day, 'mommy I wasn't ready to give my dummy to the babies yet'. So once they have some more critical thinking it might be more difficult! And I think we also need to adjust their schedule to maybe get them napping more frequently. All our milestones have been really easy though- they never complained when they cut teeth and went from being in nappies to being in panties just like that.