30 March 2014

Our Last Week

{Jamie & Gemma had their ears pierced last Sunday! Gemma cried (screamed) after about 30seconds of quiet disbelief. Jamie only flinched!}

{Sleeping Snowflake}

21 March 2014

Our Last Week

Gemma & Jamie have been loving having treasure hunts in the garden! So much fun!
The weather is definitely turning... welcome autumn!

Beautiful Days


life is good- Jamie went for an MRI on the 12th of March- it showed no new growth- there has been no new growth now for the last 9 months. we are so thankful.

Organised Chaos


this is the house Gemma & Jamie built,
this is her manger, according to Jamie,
this is the  chaos arranged just so...

Puzzles & Sunlight

11 March 2014

Our Last Week {or Two}

We said good-bye to dummies (pacis) about 1,5 weeks ago and since then there has only been one nap (ugh) and lots of tears (mostly from Jamie. hopefully, we'll get over this transition soon....
{colouring-in together}

{Gemma asked for short hair}
{Jamie's expression is priceless!}

{this reminds me of a soccer match... own goal!?}

{sisters in bicycle helmets}
{colouring with Daddy & Tintin}

{licking out the pot}
{Gemma's 'jumping shoes'- as soon as she wakes up, she wants them on}