28 February 2014

Our Last Week

{I said, 'hands up, who loves their sister!'. Their response.}
{Gemma on her bicycle}

{The view of the Scottish War Memorial from our house}

{Precious Jamie}



{lots of fun at Scibono}

21 February 2014

Our Last Week

{Amaryllis; Jamie; flowers from my flower, Gemma}

{reading to each other}


{girls and their trains}

{fun in the tub}

{fun science thanks to two-daloo

{hockey in heels}


{The girls received sparkly tops as birthday presents. Jamie asked to wear hers and off course Gemma wanted to as well. They were delighted when  they discovered the reflections the sparkles cast in the morning sun in their bedroom.}

09 February 2014

Our Last Week

{another week, another nest}
{creating, creating and more creating! and new kokis!}

{brave Jamie}
{breakfast ala Gemma; we use coasters for our water bottles}

{post-bath, pre-bed relaxation}
{hello amaryllis}

{early morning colouring}


{spot the daschund}
We had a lovely week- the highlight definitely being starting swimming lessons. The girls are both real fish!