29 December 2014

Four Years Old!

{my precious, precious girls. you are four! you have both grown so much from those tiny little babies ( Gemma 2,1kg & Jamie 1,6kg). you are both smart, strong-willed, kind, joyful, happy, loving girls. you have been through more than many children your age, having to deal with Jamie's cancer. you both love books, colouring (especially Gemma), swimming (especially Jamie, who is swimming on her own) and watching The Jungle Book. you also love playing make-pretend games, building legos, play dough. Gemma is hardly ever without a little dolly or stuffed animal. you both love Tintin and Snowy. Gemma is besotted with cats and would love a kitten. you 'travel' to England, Chaka's Rock and other places every single day, either by bus or boat or aeroplane. you both amaze me daily with your observations. you don't fight often, and when you do, forgiveness usually comes quickly. Jamie notices everything and is really detail-orientated. Gemma loves to figure things out on her own. her fine motor skills are still incredible. you both ask thousands of questions every day- i love the wonder you have about the world around you. you are both fascinated with all kinds of insects and other creepy-crawlies. you are both really good at problem solving, even though Gemma sometimes gets a bits frustrated when things don't go the way she expects. you love to make everybody cards or wrapping up some of your toys as presents for others. you love to 'prepare' the most delicious dishes for us. Gemma gives the biggest, tightest hugs ever. Jamie wakes up half an hour before Gemma every morning to come and snuggle in bed with me. you both love flowers and exploring our garden (jungle). you both love riding your bikes and motorbikes. Jamie is still a dare-devil on hers. Gemma loves climbing and sliding down the highest slides whilst Jamie is a bit more cautious when it comes to heights. Gemma loves lollypops, blue cheese, cupcakes, chicken and apples. Jamie loves tomatoes, olives, biltong, milk and chicken skin. you both love milkshake. you both love to go to Spur to play on their jungle gym, Sci-bono, the zoo, Ryan's Nursery and also 'Old Macdonalds' for an occasional treat. you both love doing 'computo' (ipad) after your bath. your favourites being any of the lego duplo apps. you are both about to start school and i am so excited for this new adventure. i love you both so, so, so much. and i pray you both stay happy, healthy, kind, loving and curious girls. }