01 November 2013

Our last week or two

 The last few weeks have been hectic... holiday in the Drakensberg, stomach bug, playing, learning, exploring, etcetera, etcetera...

{Gemma conquering the jungle gym!}
{Tiger the very patient cat; Gemma balancing; rides on Jerry the pony-Jamie was in heaven; ice cream and juice}
{swimming in really icy water}
{Gemma +Jamie loved the tractor; whilst on the trampoline, Jamie said, 'having so much fun now!'.}
{Jamie on the slide; bull mastiff love}
{rainspider; Gemmy reading nursery rhymes}
{being covered with teddies is one of the girls' favourite games}
{i made crayons before we left}
{sister love}


  1. Whoa, spider. Can't decide if he's creepy or cute. Guess by "rain spider" he must be harmless? Love that big window. Homemade crayons - cool! Putting that on my to-do list. Sister love - precious.

    1. Yes, they are relatively harmless- try telling Gareth that. He was climbing up Gemma's cot so I thought it best to put him outside! They call the big crayons 'cakes'!

  2. P.S. Love seeing scenery pics from South Africa!