26 November 2013

Our Last Week (or two)



{Christmas Party #1}

{our Christmas tree is up; SO exciting; it is an indigenous Gardenia Thunbergia and will go in the garden afterwards}

{lately you have been loving play  dough, 12-piece puzzles and dominoes!}


15 November 2013

Our Week


{we attended a princess & pirate party last Saturday: Gemma loved the cake whilst Jamie loved the salami sandwiches}
{you girls love to hold the snails in our garden}
{flowers in our garden: lily, clovers, forget-me-nots; waiting to see the rubbish truck; Jamie loves to swing}
{threading: such fun! and concentration!}

{sleeping babes; playing house; nuts & bolts play set; view from the veranda}
{playgroup fun; scaredy dog, Tintin; playing house}
{big girl beds for my girls; I need 2 of these or something similar; the transition has been easy thus far except for a nap strike on Wednesday}

12 November 2013

Fun Reads

Here are some old and new favourites:

www.amazon.com/Pom-Pom-Tiddly-Pom-Pooh-Adorables-Disney/dp/073642282X: a fun, rhyming book which I love reading (actually I know it off by heart by now!).

I'll Show You, Blue Kangaroo! : Jamie fell in love with this book we borrowed from the library. I'm considering buying it to add to our collection. It also addresses being obedient and consequences of being disobedient.

So Say The Little Monkeys : a lovely, rhyming book we took out from the library.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids: my girls have been obsessed with wolves since they were about 16 months old- first Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and a special wolf edition of National Geographic. This is their latest wolf 'fix'! The illustrations are really beautiful too.

Skip to My Lou: the classic book has been a firm favourite in our house- fun to read and listen too.

One Rainy Day: a really beautiful book, with an easy to read story.

Happy reading!

08 November 2013

Our week

Another busy, beautiful week... visits from grandparents, visits to great grandmother, a ride on the Gautrain, etc, etc... and this weekend big girl beds (!) and a birthday party.