18 October 2013

Our week

 We had another lovely, sunny week with a huge thunderstorm on Wednesday night.

{Jamie: 'me's a monkey, mommy!', love the determined look on her face}
{visit to the Johannesburg Zoo with Daddy- only about the tenth visit this year, traditional photo with Max the gorilla}
{monkey business}
{arthichoke; Gemma: 'building yakes' ie snakes}
{Jamie: 'take my picture!'; her dollies/babies}
{snapdragons, strawberries & wire bunnies in the courtyard; rosemary from the garden; pizza}
{play dough fun; our own strawberries}
{Gemma focussing on transferring water from one container to another; lunchtime; 'mul-bah-berries' ie white mulberries from the garden}


  1. I love these updates. I've been following along...just haven't stopped to write a comment. Looks like you and your girls are getting the most out of life - beautiful images. I see they've been busy making play dough snakes...a favorite around here, too. I have to try that water container trick! Is that rosemary on the pizza? Yum. What nice strawberries! Your girls must love helping you in the garden.

  2. Yes Beth, water keeps them, esp Gemma, busy for very long periods of time! And I really love rosemary on pizza. They love 'helping' in the garden esp watering + eating whatever is edible! Oh and sorry about the poor quality pics- too scared to upload any new photos from my camera to my laptop so I just upload phone pics to photobucket- my laptop needs to be optimised or something soon...