11 October 2013

Our week

{a rainy afternoon after the heat, Tintin being cuddled because he's scared of the thunder, Marbles the cat}
{Gemma chilling with Daddy; that's her new smile when you ask her to smile!} 

{lego,lego and more lego}
{building puzzles from my childhood}
{shopping; 'I'll get you this, Gemma'}
{imagination; they set up the birthday party all by themselves, complete with presents; Jamie's doll ready for bed}
{meeting an elephant; drinking out of a 'big girl cup' ie glass, 'be careful it can break'; hard day in the office working on 'compooters'}


  1. Too cute. I love the comment while shopping. Nice Lego house!!!

  2. Thanks Beth. Lately they've been asking 'who bought this?' for everything. Or they tell me 'I bought you this'! Or 'I'll buy you ... for christmas'!