18 October 2013

Our week

 We had another lovely, sunny week with a huge thunderstorm on Wednesday night.

{Jamie: 'me's a monkey, mommy!', love the determined look on her face}
{visit to the Johannesburg Zoo with Daddy- only about the tenth visit this year, traditional photo with Max the gorilla}
{monkey business}
{arthichoke; Gemma: 'building yakes' ie snakes}
{Jamie: 'take my picture!'; her dollies/babies}
{snapdragons, strawberries & wire bunnies in the courtyard; rosemary from the garden; pizza}
{play dough fun; our own strawberries}
{Gemma focussing on transferring water from one container to another; lunchtime; 'mul-bah-berries' ie white mulberries from the garden}

11 October 2013

Our week

{a rainy afternoon after the heat, Tintin being cuddled because he's scared of the thunder, Marbles the cat}
{Gemma chilling with Daddy; that's her new smile when you ask her to smile!} 

{lego,lego and more lego}
{building puzzles from my childhood}
{shopping; 'I'll get you this, Gemma'}
{imagination; they set up the birthday party all by themselves, complete with presents; Jamie's doll ready for bed}
{meeting an elephant; drinking out of a 'big girl cup' ie glass, 'be careful it can break'; hard day in the office working on 'compooters'}

09 October 2013

Your First Birthday

Your first birthday was a low-key, happy affair with your Grandparents celebrating with us! We had a duck theme. It was such a special day! I love you both so much and I hope all your future birthdays will be as joyous.


Baby days

{a laundry basket on Gemma and Jamie's first sea-side holiday and a lush tropical garden provided the perfect opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot}

08 October 2013

Beautiful faces

{Gemma Jade, my precious girl, beautiful blue eyes, so stubborn, so sensitive, so independent but in company you circle close to me. always a teddy, or two, tucked under your arm. lover of all things sweet. loves to sing and dance when no-one is watching. you love your sister dearly. you give the best, tightest hugs. i love you}

{Jamie Jame, my precious girl, beautiful green eyes, so strong, so brave, reasonable most of the time. you love your Daddy and sister dearly. lover of dogs. always curious, always watching. lover of tomatoes, olives, ham and milk-addict. loves to sing and dance. you come and cuddle with me every morning before i get up. i love you}

07 October 2013

Favourite Books

Gemma and Jamie both love 'reading'. Gemma tells me she can read by herself and she does try but eventually she tells me 'I don't know this story' or she listens attentively when I read to Jamie. Nursery rhymes are a favourite in our house and I love listening to the girls reciting the rhymes to each other.

Let's Play House was the first book Gemma and Jamie used to fight over! It still remains a favourite and it is fun to read too! Marguerite's Fountain was chosen by Jamie on a trip to the book shop. It is supposed to be for much older children but she (and Gemma) has been enthralled by the story. It is long and unfortunately, Jamie often insists on having it read twice in a row. I have been clever and often bring the book out when the grandparents are visiting!

Some of our current favourites include Silly Barney! - a simple book, ideal for younger tots, Not Last Night But the Night Before- lovely rhyming book, easy to read, Thumpity Thump Gets Dressed- simple story for toddlers, Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch- quite long but not tedious, Hide and Seek Birthday Treat- lovely, sweet book with beautiful illustrations, Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!- fun way to teach the alphabet, Red Fox and the Baby Bunnies- a really simple book but I suspect most toddlers will love the story, Wait! I Want to Tell You a Story- clever story with fun pictures and David Gets In Trouble- a really simple book teaching about taking responsibility for one's actions and the importance of apologising.

Happy reading!

05 October 2013

Our week

We had a beautiful week filled with sunshine, laughter, joy and...... TANTRUMS (by miss Gemma)!

{Santa in October!}
{Sticker fun; shopping}
{Jamie swinging on her own!}
{Gemma: play dough & pretend play}

{water play}
{Jamie's Potty-101: always cover yourself when using the toilet... or be sure to bring your ladybird to keep you company!}
{Jamie & co}
{cooking/ tasting with Mommy}

{our garden's bounty}