16 September 2013

Rainbows & promises

Last year, when we found out that Jamie's cancer had come back, I started seeing rainbows everywhere. Everywhere- in the water from the sprinkler, in the  sunlight (usually surrounding my children) and even through a filthy hospital window whilst holding my precious Jamie. This was especially meaningful as I had just experienced a particular low-point that morning after Jamie had to be hospitalised for really high temperatures whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy. On this same morning, I felt the call to read the story of Noah's Arc in the Bible. So seeing the rainbow was as if God was saying everything will be alright.

My faith is often faltering and wavering and I'd rather expect the worse. When  Jamie's cancer came back for the second time, we went through 12 weeks of metastatic work-up which was really draining. However, one Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I spotted a fleeting rainbow and suddenly I had a feeling that maybe GOD may give us a miracle. A part of me still doesn't want to believe, but when she had another MRI last week and they saw NO new growth or changes since her previous scan 3 months ago, I am starting to think that we might well be granted our rainbow, our happy ending. Oh Lord, how I pray for a positive outcome for Jamie, for our family.

The LORD will do what HE has promised. Isaiah 38:7


  1. I hope so too! Praying for your family!!

  2. Thank you so much Mel! And all the best for you and your beautiful family!