27 September 2013

Our week

{impromptu play dough courtesy of the amazing twin mommy, Beth}
{play, play and more play; and Dr lizard attending to an emergency}
{gumboots- note how they managed to look identical despite the shoes being different sizes}
{big girl Jamie using the potty}
{balloons! very difficult to inflate those ears unless you're my husband}
{tantrums, tantrums and more tantrums from precious Gemma-ugh; fun in the sun; mud cakes- they have been obsessed with asking everyone, 'when's your birthday coming?' and singing 'happy birthday'}

23 September 2013

Baby days

We had these photos taken when Gemma and Jamie were about 4 months old.


All photos were taken by jolijacqueline .

20 September 2013

Our week


{another beautiful week; amaryllis flowering for the third year in a row}

{beautiful spring blossoms}
{lego chair for bear}

{they went down there repeatedly}
{last Friday, both girls insisted on wearing panties & they have been dry the last few days during the day!}

{gecko in the courtyard; fun in the garden}

16 September 2013

Rainbows & promises

Last year, when we found out that Jamie's cancer had come back, I started seeing rainbows everywhere. Everywhere- in the water from the sprinkler, in the  sunlight (usually surrounding my children) and even through a filthy hospital window whilst holding my precious Jamie. This was especially meaningful as I had just experienced a particular low-point that morning after Jamie had to be hospitalised for really high temperatures whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy. On this same morning, I felt the call to read the story of Noah's Arc in the Bible. So seeing the rainbow was as if God was saying everything will be alright.

My faith is often faltering and wavering and I'd rather expect the worse. When  Jamie's cancer came back for the second time, we went through 12 weeks of metastatic work-up which was really draining. However, one Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I spotted a fleeting rainbow and suddenly I had a feeling that maybe GOD may give us a miracle. A part of me still doesn't want to believe, but when she had another MRI last week and they saw NO new growth or changes since her previous scan 3 months ago, I am starting to think that we might well be granted our rainbow, our happy ending. Oh Lord, how I pray for a positive outcome for Jamie, for our family.

The LORD will do what HE has promised. Isaiah 38:7

13 September 2013

Our week

{we had a beautiful week}
{we got wonderful news- Jamie's MRI showed NO new growth since her last 3 months ago!}
{there was a lot of ice-cream, water-play and fun outside}

{and the teamwork on the see-saw is so sweet to observe}
{and lots of sisterly love}

10 September 2013

Cancer sucks

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I can give you many statistics on childhood cancer but all I want to say is that cancer sucks and having your precious child diagnosed with cancer is hard. HARD. HARD.

{seeing your child go through treatment is probably one of the most difficult any parent could experience}
 {it is hard to look back on these photos as during the time I just saw my beautiful Jamie}
If possible, do something to help cure this disease- make a donation, say a prayer, volunteer...
Click here, here, here , here or here .

03 September 2013

Happy days

Spring is here and we've been having a blast!
{fun in the garden}

{at a jungle gym!}

{loving our Snowy, reading, drinking out of big girl cups}

01 September 2013

Egg boats

My Mom made this once or twice (maybe more) when I was a little girl- I remember just how much I loved it! So I recreated them for my girls. 
I have always loved boiled eggs and some of my favourite memories include them: my Gran once made me soft-boiled eggs at midnight one New Year's Eve, when I had my tonsils out, all I wanted to eat were boiled eggs- the shells decorated with beautiful drawings by my Dad, and as a snack my husband sometimes makes me a soft-boiled egg at night.

The last week of August

{the last week of winter...}

{looking forward to spring!}