23 August 2013

Baby Days

{it seems SO long ago......}

{Precious Baby Gemma}

{Precious Baby Jamie}


Our last week (or 2)

{Spring is on its way}

{Hard at work.....}

13 August 2013

Easy Pea Salad

We eat a lot of frozen peas- i add it to brown rice (right after it is finished cooking), stir it into stews/curries etc, give it to the girls as a snack. I even add it to salads as i don't have enough patience for lettuce.

Here's an easy salad:

1 cup of frozen peas (thawed) per person (or more!)
cherry tomatoes, halved
fresh mint
sunflower seeds
parmesan (grated) or Danish feta (crumbled)
salad dressing (splash of olive oil, about 1/4 cup rice vinegar, spoon of sugar, all whisked together)
mix everything together and enjoy!

05 August 2013


Jamie went for an MRI on the 12th of June- we waited a week to be told it showed what looked like tumour re-growth. Then we waited another week or so to hear what our paediatric oncology team's plan of action would be- they decided to refer to the experts in the US. We waited 4 days for DHL to deliver Jamie's scans to LA. We waited another week for the wonderful Dr JV's recommendations. we waited about 2 weeks for Jamie's MIBG and bone scans to be booked. We went through 3 days of scans. We waited another week for her bone marrow aspiration to be done. Then we waited for the results- her bone scan came back clear, her BM aspiration/trephine came back clear, her MIBG was negative (this doesn't mean much as our team never thought to do an MIBG when we knew for sure she had Neuroblastoma- 90% of NB are MIBG sensitive/avid), her urine catecholamines (tumour markers) were still normal. Now we are waiting for the next step. It will probably entail a biopsy (possibly surgery).

All this happened in between our normal life- of happy days, playgroup, dancing parties in the morning, family meals, visits from grandparents, zoo visits, shopping, imaginary play, library visits, birthday parties, pony rides, dreaming dreams, hoping and praying, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

 {Winter 2013}